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What's In Your Garage?

The #songsparkfebruary2021 prompt to create your song's music (rhythm and melody) from found objects only. No musical instruments. Write the song around the notion of finding something. All sounds (and I mean all) heard (apart from vocals) were from objects found in my home and yes, a lot from the garage. Sounds were recorded with a Shure SM81 and put into Logic Pro X's Sampler. Drum Kit: Kick - workbook soles slapping | snare - foam insulation slapped against hand | Hi hats: dog leash click as well as two large spoons whacked against my hand | Ride cymbal - two pizza different pizza pans one for outer and one for bell hit with spoon | Crash - rectangular baking pan hit with rubber mallet | Claves - 1/4 pieces of wood banged together by my son. | Other Sounds: Bass - bungee chord strung on a 1x4 with two eye hooks and plucked | Main keyboard sound - hair clip taped to a plastic shower head box (for resonance) and plucked | Tooth brush buzzing - both string sound at end and also the lead synth sound | jug blown - high pitched flute like notes | Bell like sound (at end) a ceramic votive struck with a spoon | Strange gong like sound (at end) post hole driver struck with a rubber coated hand sledge. | Demo | Song performed and produced in Logic Pro X.
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